Welcome to Intricate Accessories!

My name is Patricia Rocha and I'm an Intricate Beadwork Artist & Knitwear Designer. I design and create intricate handmade knit & crochet accessories. 

As an Intricate Bead Artist, I have created many purses and pieces of art with thousands of tiny Japanese Beads. Though this art form can be very time consuming, I find it immensely meditative.

I started knitting back in 2008 as a self taught knitter. It was a slow process at first. Then, in 2012 I was fortunate to have met a designer that needed a test knitter for a garment. I had never knit a garment before, but the designer had seen my knitting portfolio and took a chance on me. Since then, I have worked with different designers from around the world. I was able to learn different techniques and the fashion designing process from beginning to end. 

These skills combined with my sewing, I was on my journey of designing my own personal knit street style fashion for several years now. I enjoy creating different pieces of accessories for each season to go with my knitwear or clothing fashion.

I have been inspired by many talented artists in my life and those I have met throughout my life's journey. The creative energy around me, keeps me inspired to continue doing the things I love to do on a daily basis.

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